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Modified Classic Car Insurance - with added security

Most classic car owners know that a specialist broker should be their first port of call when looking for a new insurance policy, but the growing number of classic car owners who like to modify their vehicles may well find that some of the more traditional brokers are not able to cater for their passion.

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As experts in the modified car industry, Wolfrace produce products aimed at a wide range of cars, from the out and out classics, through funky retro cars and, of course, current production vehicles, so it is only natural that our classic car insurance policies should be able to cater for the whole spectrum of owners.

So whether you are a purist with a love of immaculately and authentically restored vehicles, or a performance enthusiast with a love of retro and custom cars, we have a range of great policies specially for you.

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  • A free set of Wolfrace locking nuts or bolts (depending on your vehicle), or
  • A 10% discount from any merchandise purchased at

Modified Classic Policies

We are passionate about insuring true enthusiasts, so, for that reason, our modified classics insurance offers great discounts for members of owners clubs and online forums, as well as special discounts for owners who maintain and modify their car themselves.

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When you contact us for a quote, we will check over 200 separate insurance schemes that are available to us, so you can be confident that our rates are competitive, but we also pride ourselves on our customer service and 24/7 claims service, so click or call us now to see how much you could save.

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