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4x4 Car Insurance - with added security

Off road vehicles have got a bad press recently, and as if that wasn't bad enough, insurance companies frequently charge through the nose to cover a 4x4 vehicle, because they assume that a hefty 4x4 is going to inflict substantially more damage in the event of an accident. At Wolfrace, we know that whilst this may be true, 4x4 drivers are, generally speaking considerate and careful drivers, particularly if they've spent extra time and money on their 4x4, so you'll be pleased to hear that, not only are our 4x4 insurance rates remarkably reasonable, but modified 4x4s are particularly welcome.

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With such a diversity of Four Wheel Drive vehicles now on the market, and many owners now choosing to equip their 4x4 with a vast array of modifications, some owners struggle to find an appropriate 4WD insurance policy. Here at Wolfrace we can insure virtually every off-road vehicle and every modification, so whether you've fitted an old Land Rover with a snorkel and winch, or if you've bought some mammoth alloys for your mammoth Hummer, we will have a suitable policy for your situation.

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Whether you mainly drive in town, or make the most of your 4x4 by off-roading or green-laning in your spare time, we can make sure that your 4x4 insurance policy is appropriate to your lifestyle and suits your needs, and with our many years' experience in the modified car industry, we are the natural first choice for modified 4x4 insurance.

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When you contact us for a quote, we will check over 200 separate insurance schemes that are available to us, so you can be confident that our rates are competitive, but we also pride ourselves on our customer service and 24/7 claims service, so click or call us now to see how much you could save.

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